Our Process

Information Gathering and Consultation

The first step in the process begins with an information gathering conference call. This call takes place in order for us to gain a full understanding of the position and its requirements, as well as the healthcare facility. Following the call, we will submit a written outline of the position’s requirements and duties for your approval.

For permanent placement services, the Client may prefer further consultation with our team on-site at the health care facility. We will then begin screening and qualifying candidates. It is very important to us to not only present candidates that meet the defined expectation, but exceed them.

Weekly updates

When recruiting for a permanent placement, our team will provide the Client weekly written reporting. We have found that our Clients greatly appreciate the detailed updates we provide on the status of each search.

Candidate Interviews

Once a candidate has met and exceeded expectations, we will submit a summary, resume, and one professional reference. A telephone interview is then scheduled before you choose for the candidate to come on-site. Prior to the candidate’s arrival, two additional references will be completed, as well as education and license verification.

Choose candidate and employment terms

The choice of a candidate is in your hands.  We will assist you in any way you need. Once a candidate has been chosen, we will negotiate on the terms of employment with the candidate on the Client’s behalf.

Committed follow up and Guarantee

Following a permanent placement, we are committed to following up with both the Client and the candidate for a 15-month period. This communication is important to us in order to ensure goals and satisfaction are being met from all aspects.