Interim Leadership/Management Benefits

  • 18% of the searches we perform are for Interim Leadership/Management
  • Interim Leadership/Management provides an organization a transition between leaders in the best possible manner.
    These include:

    • Providing stability to a department or area during times of uncertainty and vulnerability
    • Bringing in an Interim Leader/Manager affords the organization time to make the best long-term hiring decision.
    • Allows administration to ensure that they meet all of the current and ongoing goals and objectives
    • Gives the staff the support and confidence to continue to do their job
  • Interim Leadership is a short-term investment with significant long-term results

“From the first contact, CTL guarantees that the search is not just sold but delivered. Our partnership with CTL has had a significant impact on the growth of our organization. CTL has successfully filled key positions for the advanced practitioners, middle management and senior leadership. CTL will not just provide you the right candidate in a professional and cost effect manner – they will become a valued member of your HR team.”

– Chief Human Resource Officer, Florida